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a multi media performance

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2WASTE - first video


While the roaring and thumping timpani whisper to the loudest, the mess will be engulfed by the garbage collector.

2WASTE is a multi media performance by Aspasia Nasopoulou and Danny de Graan. It is based on a chapter of the book Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino and tells the story of two citizens of the city Leonia that live on the hidden side of the city.

A city that refashions itself every day replacing the old for the new. The squeezed or blown out remains of yesterday waiting the garbage truck.
What is the true passion of Leonia? The enjoyment of new things or the joy of discarding?

In 2WASTE, Nasopoulou & de Graan create a sonic world that re-imagine the untold side of Leonia that is hidden from public. Do we discover the nature of their strange behaviour? Where does all that waste go and what are the implications of the obsession of the citizens of Leonia?

With the aid of percussion duo reConvert project you dive in a dualistic world of the new and the old. The Fresh and the Waste.

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Aspasia Nasopoulou

Her work has a poetic, evocative and dynamic transparency. It is inspired by literature, mythology and philosophy from different cultures. In her over more than eighty compositions she is frequently exploring the synergy between music and theater by integrating new instruments, visuals and dance.


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Danny de Graan

Spontaneous and open-mindend, forging connections between diverse soundworlds and a unquenchable urge to create most definitely typify composer, Danny de Graan (1973).

De Graan is a composer who regularly looks over the (h)edge of classical music, he is now actively building on a wayward body of work. Averse to thinking in rigid categories, often for exciting instrumental combinations, electronics, and unusual sound sources.


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Everything is tomorrow


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Lorenzo Colombo

Lorenzo Colombo is a percussionist and performer dedicated to researching and promoting new music he is collaborating with the contemporary music ensembles Divertimento Ensemble , MDI ensemble, Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, Sentieri selvaggi.
He has been identified as a promising young performer by the Ulysses. As well he has performed in several festivals, (including the “Manifeste 2016” IRCAM Paris, Warsaw Autumn Festival 2014, Darmstadt Summer Courses 2014, “Biennale Musica 2016” Venice , Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2017, ” Klang Festival 2016” in Copenhagen, “Rondó Divertimento Ensemble”, MI.TO, Milano Musica,) playing both soloist and chamber music.

reConvert project

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Roberto Maqueda

Heterodox percussionist interested in avant-garde art, new forms of communication as well as their implementation in the sound-musical creation of our time. Formed by Christian Dierstein and Fred Frith. He currently follows the advices of Håkon Stene.
His main projects are the duo reConvert project, the recent y-band, where he proposes an aesthetic and conceptual review of the current panorama of musical creation. He is also the artistic co-director of the nomadic music platform CONTAINER. In addition he carries out an ongoing work with composers such as Simon Steen-Andersen, Michael Maierhof (among others); for the development of new  repertoire that questions the established limits of percussion, included in his project [expandING_percussion], awarded with the Young Creation Award 2017 of INJUVE.

reConvert project



Ernst Dullemond

Ernst Dullemond designs and builds sets, scenography and installations for theatre, location-theatre, music-theatre, opera, exhibitions and public space. He is teaching at the department for Graphic- and Spatial Design at AKV/St. Joost and works for Perspekt Studio's Haarlem, the Netherlands.

Perspekt Studios


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Albert Manders

Flutist of the Manhattan Chamber Soloists, Albert Manders enjoys a versatile career as a composer and performer of the classical, contemporary and jazz repertory. Born in the Netherlands, Albert holds a diploma from the University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A., where he appeared as a soloist with the University Orchestra. For two years he served as flutist for the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra under such conductors as Marin Alsop, Mariss Jansons, and Alastair Willis.



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* 2waste is a Sonic Art production